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Best Hotels at Tamarack Resort

Nestled in the scenic landscapes of Idaho, Tamarack offers a serene mountain escape with a range of accommodations. Here are some of the top hotels renowned for their comfort, amenities, and proximity to outdoor adventures:

1. Tamarack Resort

  • Resort Convenience: Tamarack Resort offers a variety of accommodations, from lodge rooms to luxurious condos and cabins.

  • Slope Access: With ski-in/ski-out access, it's perfect for winter sports enthusiasts seeking immediate access to the slopes.

2. The Lodge at Osprey Meadows

  • Elegant Alpine Charm: The Lodge at Osprey Meadows provides a refined mountain lodge experience with upscale rooms and elegant furnishings.

  • Golf and Spa Access: Nestled among the golf course, it offers easy access to golfing and rejuvenating spa services.

3. Homes and Condos at Tamarack Resort

  • Home Away from Home: Tamarack Resort also features vacation homes and condos, ideal for families or groups seeking a cozy stay.

  • Fully Equipped: Many homes and condos offer full kitchens and amenities for a comfortable and independent vacation experience.

4. The Cottage at Tamarack Resort

  • Quaint and Cozy: The Cottage provides a charming retreat with its cozy atmosphere and rustic elegance.

  • Scenic Views: Situated amid the picturesque surroundings, it offers stunning vistas and a peaceful ambiance.

5. Ski Tip Lodge

  • Intimate Lodging: Ski Tip Lodge offers intimate accommodations with personalized service and a cozy atmosphere.

  • Personalized Experience: Ideal for those seeking a more personalized stay away from the bustle of larger resorts.

Choosing Your Ideal Stay

  • Accommodation Preferences: Whether seeking resort-style amenities, a cozy lodge, or a private vacation home, Tamarack offers diverse options.

  • Proximity to Activities: Consider lodgings closer to ski slopes, golf courses, or hiking trails based on your preferred activities.


Tamarack's charming accommodations amidst the stunning Idaho landscapes offer a perfect blend of comfort, nature, and outdoor adventure. These lodgings, each with its unique ambiance and offerings, promise an unforgettable stay in the heart of the mountains.

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