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Best Ski Tracking Apps of 2024

Slopes: Your Ultimate Ski Tracker

Slopes stands out as the go-to app for tracking skiing adventures. It offers detailed analytics, mapping your runs with precision. From speed metrics to slope angles, it provides comprehensive data, making it a favorite among skiing enthusiasts.

Ski Tracks: Your Personal Ski Logbook

Ski Tracks is a user-friendly app that records your skiing endeavors effortlessly. It captures various metrics like distance, speed, altitude, and even integrates with Apple Watch for seamless tracking, ensuring you never miss a moment of your ski session.

Trace Snow: The Social Ski Tracker

Trace Snow isn't just about personal metrics; it fosters a community of skiers. It tracks your performance, but its social features let you share experiences, compete with friends, and explore skiing hotspots worldwide.

SNOCRU: Your All-in-One Ski Companion

SNOCRU goes beyond tracking; it's a comprehensive skiing app. From tracking runs to real-time weather updates and resort information, it's a holistic tool catering to every aspect of your skiing adventure.

SkiLynx: The Group Skiing Tracker

SkiLynx emphasizes group skiing experiences. It enables real-time location sharing among friends, ensuring you stay connected on the slopes, making it ideal for group outings or keeping track of family members.

OnTheSnow: The Resort-centric App

OnTheSnow specializes in resort-centric tracking. It provides snow reports, trail maps, and real-time lift status, ensuring you're well-informed about conditions and amenities at various ski resorts.


Are these apps available on both iOS and Android? Yes, all mentioned apps are available on both major platforms, ensuring accessibility for a wider audience.

Do these apps drain phone batteries quickly? While some apps may consume battery, they're optimized to minimize drain. Using power-saving modes or external battery packs can help extend usage.

Can these apps be used offline? Most apps allow offline tracking, storing data until you regain internet access, ensuring uninterrupted tracking even in remote areas.

Are there any costs associated with these apps? While basic features are often free, some advanced functionalities might require a subscription or in-app purchases.

Do these apps track other winter sports apart from skiing? Some apps offer tracking for snowboarding and other winter sports, providing versatility for users engaging in various activities.

Can I export/share my tracked data from these apps? Yes, many apps allow data export or sharing options, enabling you to analyze or showcase your skiing achievements.

Make the most of your skiing adventures with these advanced tracking apps, ensuring every downhill run is tracked and celebrated!

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