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The Best Touring Skis of 2024

Touring skis, designed for backcountry exploration and ascending mountains, offer a blend of performance, weight, and versatility. Here's a comprehensive overview of these specialized skis:

1. Design and Characteristics

  • Lightweight Construction: Touring skis are crafted to be lightweight, allowing for easier ascents during backcountry adventures.

  • Width and Profile: They often feature a moderate width, enabling maneuverability in various snow conditions, and might incorporate a rocker profile for improved floatation in powder.

  • Bindings Compatibility: Touring skis are compatible with specific touring bindings, which allow for both ascending and descending modes.

2. Ski Length and Sizing

  • Slightly Longer Lengths: Touring skis might be slightly longer than traditional downhill skis to aid in floatation and stability during descents.

  • Consideration for Uphill Travel: Longer skis can aid in climbing uphill due to increased surface area, but individual preferences and skiing abilities also play a role in sizing choices.

3. Ski Flex and Construction

  • Balanced Flex: They often feature a balanced flex pattern, allowing for maneuverability on descents while maintaining stability during ascents.

  • Carbon and Lightweight Materials: Many touring skis incorporate carbon or other lightweight materials, ensuring durability without adding excessive weight.

4. Versatility and Performance

  • Ascension Efficiency: Their design focuses on efficient uphill travel, with features like a skin-compatible base for traction during ascents.

  • Backcountry Performance: While touring skis excel in the backcountry, their performance might differ compared to traditional downhill skis on groomed trails due to their specialized design.

5. Choosing the Right Touring Skis

  • Consider Skill Level: Different skis cater to various skill levels. Beginners might opt for more forgiving skis, while experienced skiers might prefer high-performance models.

  • Backcountry Goals: Tailor your choice based on the type of backcountry skiing you plan to do, whether it's long tours, steep ascents, or varied snow conditions.


Touring skis serve as versatile tools for exploring the untracked wilderness. Their lightweight, versatile design, geared towards efficient ascents and enjoyable descents, offers outdoor enthusiasts the freedom to explore backcountry terrain and enjoy the thrill of off-piste adventures.

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