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The Best Trick Snowboards: Elevate Your Freestyle Performance

Trick snowboarding is all about pushing the limits, showcasing creativity, and executing jaw-dropping maneuvers on the slopes.

To excel in this high-energy discipline, having the right snowboard is essential. In this article, we will explore the best trick snowboards available in the market.

These boards are specifically designed to enhance freestyle performance, providing the responsiveness, stability, and pop required for executing tricks with style and confidence.

Key Features to Consider in Trick Snowboards

When selecting a trick snowboard, there are several key features to keep in mind:

Flex and Camber Profile

Trick snowboards typically feature a softer flex, allowing for easier maneuverability and better control during tricks. Look for boards with a true twin shape, where the nose and tail are identical, enabling switch riding. Additionally, consider the camber profile. Traditional camber provides a poppy and responsive feel, while reverse camber (rocker) or hybrid profiles offer a more forgiving and playful ride.

Board Width and Stance Setback

For riders with larger boot sizes, selecting a snowboard with an appropriate width is crucial to prevent toe and heel drag. Look for boards specifically designed for riders with bigger feet, ensuring a comfortable and stable platform. Stance setback, where the bindings are positioned slightly towards the tail, can provide better balance and control for landing tricks.

Pop and Stability

Trick snowboards should have good pop, which refers to the board's ability to spring back when loaded for ollies and other aerial maneuvers. Look for boards with a strong and lively core construction that enhances pop. Stability is also important, especially for landing tricks and riding at higher speeds. Seek boards with effective dampening features to absorb vibrations and provide a smooth ride.

Sidewalls and Base Material

Snowboard sidewalls play a role in impact resistance and durability. Look for boards with sturdy and resilient sidewall construction, such as ABS or urethane, to withstand the rigors of park riding. The base material should be durable and glide well on different snow conditions. Sintered bases are known for their speed and durability, ideal for trick-focused riding.

The Best Trick Snowboards

Now, let's explore some of the best trick snowboards available:

  1. BrandX Freestyle Pro

  • Flex: Medium flex for a balance of control and playfulness

  • Camber Profile: Traditional camber for maximum pop and responsiveness

  • Width Options: Wide sizes available for riders with larger boots

  • Pop and Stability: Strong wood core for excellent pop and stability

  • Sidewalls and Base: Durable ABS sidewalls and sintered base for impact resistance and speed

The BrandX Freestyle Pro is a go-to choice for riders seeking a versatile trick snowboard. Its combination of flex, pop, and stability allows for confident execution of various tricks, whether in the park or on natural features.

  1. MountainPeak Trickster

  • Flex: Soft flex for enhanced maneuverability and forgiveness

  • Camber Profile: Hybrid camber for a playful and catch-free feel

  • Width Options: Wide sizes available for riders with larger boots

  • Pop and Stability: Poplar wood core with carbon stringers for explosive pop and stability

  • Sidewalls and Base: Urethane sidewalls and sintered base for durability and speed

The MountainPeak Trickster is designed for freestyle riders looking for a nimble and forgiving board. Its soft flex and hybrid camber profile make it ideal for jibbing, buttering, and spinning tricks with ease.

  1. BackcountryX Jib Master

  • Flex: Soft to medium flex for freestyle versatility

  • Camber Profile: Rocker camber for a playful and forgiving ride

  • Width Options: Wide sizes available for riders with larger boots

  • Pop and Stability: Poplar wood core with carbon additives for pop and stability

  • Sidewalls and Base: Impact-resistant sidewalls and extruded base for durability

The BackcountryX Jib Master is a dedicated trick snowboard with a focus on freestyle performance. Its forgiving rocker camber and versatile flex make it ideal for rail slides, presses, and technical tricks in the park.

Trick Snowboards: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I use a trick snowboard for other riding styles?

A: While trick snowboards are specifically designed for freestyle riding, they can still be used for other styles, such as all-mountain or park riding. However, keep in mind that trick-focused boards may have specific characteristics that excel in the park but may not provide the same performance in other terrains.

Q: Do trick snowboards require specific bindings?

A: Trick snowboards can be paired with various bindings, but it's essential to choose bindings that complement your riding style and the board's features. Look for bindings with appropriate flex and response, ensuring a balanced setup for executing tricks.

Q: How often should I wax my trick snowboard?

A: Waxing frequency depends on factors such as snow conditions and usage. As a general guideline, it's recommended to wax your snowboard every 3-5 days of riding or whenever the base starts to feel dry and less responsive. Regular waxing improves glide and prolongs the life of your board.

Trick Snowboards: Conclusion

The best trick snowboards are designed to enhance your freestyle performance and unlock your full potential on the slopes. Consider the flex, camber profile, width options, pop, stability, sidewalls, and base material when choosing a trick board that suits your riding style and preferences. With the right board under your feet, you'll be ready to take on rails, jumps, and all the challenges of freestyle snowboarding with confidence and style.

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