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The Best Hockey Helmets for 2024

In any contact sport dependable safety equipment is essential in helping to prevent injuries. 

This is true especially for a sport like ice hockey since being tactfully physical is a requirement if players want to go from good to great. 

The game ranks just behind football and soccer in concussion ratings, so head and face protection is not something to be taken lightly.

Luckily, with the right helmet – and proper checking practice – athletes can significantly lower their risk of sustaining a concussion and having to sit their season out. 

Below you’ll find a list of some of the best hockey helmets leading brands have to offer.

The Best Hockey Helmets


CCM’s 910 hockey helmet was added to their Tacks collection back in 2020. 

This hockey helmet is made to keep noggins safe even with the ever-increasing high-speed of the game, and to meet this goal, CCM teamed up the Neurotrauma Impact Science Laboratory in Ottawa for insights on preventative measures. 

Built with I.Q. Shion memory foam and a pro-preferred shell, the 910 is ideal for both player comfort and protection. The combo’s shield is CCM’s 780 Flat Bar Wire Cage, which is designed to provide maximum visibility while still maintaining defense against pucks, sticks, and the boards. 

The brand’s Fluid Inside Pod Matrix aids in evenly distributing impact energy, decreasing the chances that a blow causes a concussion. The Tacks 910 is offered in black, navy, and white, and a senior size costs $290.

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Another great example of protection and comfort, Bauer’s Re-Akt 150 Combo entails many of the same features as CCM’s 910, but with less weight and a more layered construction. 

The Freeform Adjustment System allows for over 18 millimeters of width modification, giving a contoured, secure fit. Also included is Bauer’s Comfort Pod liner, created with XRD and IX foams. 

This duo adds another sheet of padding to the bucket’s front, top and rear barriers so impact energy can circulate. For this Combo, the 150 is paired with Bauer’s Profile III Cage, a squarer shaped mask with oval wires that help players forget they’re even wearing a helmet. 

The Re-Akt 150 is offered in black and white, and a senior is $270.

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The CCM 720 is also part of CCM’s Tacks family. Like the 910, this helmet is made from I.Q.Shion memory foam and includes Nest Tech - the brand’s bucket design that aids the product in molding to a player’s head for stable fit and ventilation. 

Additional air circulation comes from the AER-TEC thermoregulation system, which CCM has implemented into their gloves, pads and pants as well. 

The wraparound, non-gapping cover, in hand with CCM’s D3O smart material, helps to disperse impact energy and offer optimal protection. 

For this combo, the 720 is matched with the FM 580 face mask, and comes in black, navy, and white. 

Slightly less expensive than the two above, this helmet in a senior size is $240. 

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The Bauer S18 IMS 5.0 helmet is a much less expensive, but still very dependable option for protection. 

This two-piece shell includes a tool-free adjustment system with foldable tabs on either side of the head so players can compress or expand the bucket to quickly achieve their perfect fit. 

The foam liner has dual-density VN layers for strong safety and soft feeling. 

There are 10 airways for ventilation to keep heads – and therefore bodies – cool: two in the front, two in the rear, and six on the top. 

The Combo comes with Bauer’s Profile 1 cage, which was created with their popular 2100 facemask design to provide clear on-ice vision. This helmet comes in black and white and is only $65. 

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Last but certainly not least is yet another member of CCM’s Tacks family, their version 70. 

This recreational level helmet has a modern designed shell that keeps players safe while upholding the pros’ style as seen on TV. 

There is plenty of ventilation within the high-density shell, as well as CCM’s Easy Flip Clip adjustment system for speedy personalization. 

The Combo comes with the FM70 cage, which has a much rounder shape than other barriers. 

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Hockey Helmets: FAQs 

Q. What helmets do NHL players wear? 

Head protection is important at all levels – even the pros wear helmets! Here’s which buckets some of the top NHL players trust:

Connor McDavid, Edmonton Oilers

CCM Vector V08 Helmet

Nathan MacKinnon, Colorado Avalanche

CCM Vector V08 Helmet

David Pastrnak, Boston Bruins

Bauer Re-Akt 85 Helmet

Matthew Tkachuk, Florida Panthers

CCM Super Tacks X Helmet

Auston Matthews, Toronto Maple Leafs

CCM Super Tacks X Helmet

Q. Is it true helmets expire?

Yes. Most helmets have an expiration date on the back which is normally 5-6.5 years after it has been manufactured. This is based on their ‘shelf-life’, since over time the protectiveness of the foam, cage, and shell will fade. 

Q. What is a fishbowl hockey helmet? 

‘Fishbowl’ helmets are the ones with clear plastics shields as opposed to a metal cage.

Some players prefer fishbowls for visibility purposes, but others avoid them since they can get foggy and are more likely to break than a cage. 

Hockey Helmets: The Bottom Line

Choosing a helmet that is best fit for you can make all the difference if you’re slammed into the boards or get a stick to the face.

Any of the protection above can help dissipate impact energy to help prevent concussions and other head injuries.

But keep in mind that it isn’t the gear that will make the biggest difference, it’s the athlete – so as best you can, play heads up hockey and play the puck.

Looking for other hockey gear? Check out our guide to the best hockey gloves.


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