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The Best Hockey Gloves for 2024 

Updated: Feb 16

For any ice hockey player — from a toddler learning to skate, up to an NHL defenseman — reliable equipment is important.

However, once reaching a certain level of expertise, players will want to pay extra close attention to the details of the gear they’re investing in, to ensure safety and comfort while on the ice.

Here are five of the best hockey gloves you’ll want to consider for your next pair.  

The Best Hockey Gloves for 2024

Bauer Pro Series

The Bauer Pro Series gloves offer elite-level protection with an enhanced fit.

The fingers and backhand feature dual-density expanded polypropylene foam for maximum shielding, as well as a hypersense liner that allows for ventilation and flexibility.

The narrow, round shape is topped by Bauer’s Pro Lite Tex shell as well as polyurethane cushioning for a super lightweight structure.

On the underside, the palm and gusset are both made up of Nash Ivory, the same material you’ll find on the gloves of most NHL players.

The Bauer Pro Series are ideal for players who practice/compete 5+ times a week.

Their high quality is reflected in the price, as a pair of seniors go for $210, in your choice of black, navy, red, black/red, and navy/red/white. 

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Bauer Vapor 3X Pro

The Bauer Vapor 3X Pros have similar high levels of protection and adaptability to the Pro Series but are listed at a lower price point.

The same Lite Tex shell and dual-density foam are used to create these mitts, in addition to a few adjustments that make the pair perfect for stickhandling.

The ivory palms are a microsuede material that sits below a stretchier gusset.

These features, combined with the nanosense liner, provide mobility and moisture-wick that helps with grip when shooting, passing, and carrying the puck.

The cuffs on the Vapor 3X Pros are much taller than other gloves, equipping players with extra wrist covering.

They are offered in the same color combinations as the Pro Series, but a pair of seniors are nearly 25% less, costing $160.

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Warrior Pro

Warrior’s Pro gloves are a hybrid between two of the brand’s older models, the Alpha and the Covert.

By combining and enhancing the makes into a newer, lighter, more protective style, we’re left with a glove that optimizes versatility without sacrificing safety.

The taper structure is meant to fit the natural shape of your hand, so players feel guarded, but not stiff or restricted. Each pair is lined with Warrior’s WarTech FNC for durability and odor control.

The Pros also have suede palms that sit next to their AxyFlex Thumbs, made for an extended range of motion.

Senior sizing is $170, and players have over a dozen color options. 

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CCM JetSpeed FT6

The CCM JetSpeed FT6’s are an updated, more advanced version of the beloved JetSpeed model.

FT6’s modern design, performance features, and pro-approved polyester structure make this glove feel as good as it looks.

It’s made with 2 different foams, PE inserts, and a backhand shield to prevent injuries from falls, shots, and slashes.

CCM’s AER-TEC Thermoregulation system is built in for maximal airflow, which compliments the anti-bacterial polygiene crafted into the texture.

The Sensalast palm is great for stick connection and puck control.

The JetSpeed FT6’s come in 16 colors and a pair of seniors is $160. 

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CCM Tacks AS-V Pro

CCM’s Tacks AS-V Pros are also made for players who will be on the ice most days of the week.

They have an anatomical shape with a snugger fit towards the bottom and a wider cuff at the top for better mobility.

The shields are designed with polyurethane leather and plastic inserts in the finger for added impact protection.

CCM’s Nest backhand technology is ingrained for ventilation all around, and similar to the FT6’s, the polygiene material fights off bacteria.

These gloves are offered in Black/White, Navy/Red/White, and Navy/White, and are the most expensive on the list costing $230. 

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Hockey Gloves: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What gloves do NHL goalies use?

All the pairs in the list above are pro-level but obviously aren’t meant for goal tenders who wear a catch glove on their non-dominant hand and a blocker on their dominant. If you’re curious about what mitts the top NHL brick walls wear, here’s a mini breakdown ---

  • Andrei Vasilevskiy, Tampa Bay Lightning: 

    • Bauer Vapor HyperLite 2 Goalie Glove / Bauer Vapor HyperLite 2 Blocker

  • Igor Shesterkin, New York Rangers

    • Brians Optik 2 Goalie Glove / Brians Optik 2 Blocker

  • Ilya Sorokin, New York Islanders

    • Bauer Supreme Mach Goalie Glove / Bauer Supreme Mach Blocker

  • Connor Hellebuyck, Winnipeg Jets

    • TRUE HZRDUS Goalie Glove / TRUE HZRDUS Blocker

  • Juuse Saros, Nashville Predators

    • TRUE Catalyst PX3 Goalie Glove / TRUE Catalyst PX3 Blocker

Q. How do you know what size hockey gloves to buy?

Players can measure for glove size in one of two ways – or both to be safe!

You can either measure from the base of your palm to the tip of your middle finger and then double the number of inches OR you can measure from the base of your palm up to the end of your elbow pad.

Q. Why do NHL players dry their gloves? 

Something NHL fans may not know is that during ice resurfacing and TV timeouts, players will hand over their gloves to the equipment managers to be put on a fan to dry.

Many will even rotate between multiple pairs throughout one game.

This is because sweaty, wet gloves greatly increase a player’s chances of getting sick --- not to mention the smell could probably be detected from the nosebleeds if they aren’t aired out. 

The Bottom Line: The Best Hockey Gloves

A new pair of gloves is expensive regardless, so it’s important players feel like they’re getting their money’s worth out of whichever ones they select.

For advanced players looking for a fresh set, you can’t go wrong with any of the options above.

Looking for other hockey gear? Check out our guide to the best hockey helmets.


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